Harwich Urgent Treatment Centre MIU is Closed

Please note that with immediate effect, the Harwich Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) Minor Injuries Unit is temporarily closed. This is due to the impact of staff sickness and the need for Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) to support staff who are working on the wards.

The department will remain closed initially for 2 weeks but this will be under constant review and ACE hope to open again as soon as practicably possible. We will keep you updated on this.

Clacton Urgent Treatment Centre remains open daily 8-8 pm for all minor ailments and injuries (1 Tower Road, Clacton, CO15 1LH). Alternatively, patients can seek medical advice and support via 111.

ACE and the CCG are keeping members of the public informed of any further changes via their websites, social media and local signage in Harwich Reception area.